Letter from President Ferhat Mehenni to the Heads of State of the Arab League
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Letter to the Heads of State of the Arab League


I take this first opportunity, at the 31st Arab League Summit in Algiers, from November 1 to 2, 2022, to
present my compliments and wish you excellent health on behalf of the Kabyle Provisional
Government in exile, Anavad. I also do it on behalf of the Kabyle people, colonized and robbed of their
freedom by your host country, Algeria.

As it welcomes you, Algeria is exercising fierce repression against the Kabyle people and preparing a genocide under the code name: Operation Zero Kabyle. Political arrests of Kabyles, followed by torture, have been a daily occurrence for eighteen months. There are currently more than five hundred Kabyle political prisoners and nearly 50,000 Kabyle citizens banned from leaving Algerian territory. Algeria has turned Kabylia into an open prison. The majority of the «Harragas» who spend their fortunes trying to reach the northern shores of the Mediterranean by boat, risking their lives, are Kabyles in their overwhelming majority.

By practicing colonialism and racism against the natives people of Kabylia, Algeria does not
honor its status as a member of the Arab League. As we speak, two-thirds of its troops are in Kabylia.
This area is more than 50,000 km2 of space (near 2% of the Algerian territory), with 12 million souls
waging a civilized and peaceful fight for their right to self-determination. In addition, Algeria imprisons
and tortures ordinary citizens for simply putting a Kabyle flag on social media, accusing them of
« terrorism ».

Besides its colonial tendencies, Algeria finances and arms terrorist movements such as the Polisario,
Hamas and Hizb-Allah against several other members of the Arab League, including Morocco,
Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority. The Algiers summit does not aim to bring together the Arab community ranks, but to further divide them. Algeria pursues at least three objectives through this event:

  • Torpedo the Abraham Accords to which most Arab League countries subscribe
  • Reinforce and support the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the destabilization of the Francophone Africa through Wagner militias.
  • Obtain your silence on his repression of peaceful Kabylia against which she will deploy its planned genocidal campaign.

France, October 31, 2022

Ferhat Mehenni
President of the Anavad and the SelfDetermination Movement of Kabylia.